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Baoning County JnCheng Aicuai And sdeinen PodueceCo,ld the welrepuled seess and                                        kenal poesinanisexporting pivate                                        enerpise in China.                                        is lcated at BaoaingTown, Baoqing County Heiongiangprovince, which is theamous                                        originof pumpkin seeds ...

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Good place of origin Baoqing County, Heilongjiang, China

The unique soil, pure water source and unique climate breed the seeds of Baoqing white melon that sounded all over the country.


The stratum of the kugang mountain area in Baoqing county belongs to the mountain area of one of Xingkai Lake.


The county is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the western part of the south


The continental climate in the cold temperate zone is characterized by "planting is neither


The county is rich in water resources, and the rivers are full of water.


Baoqing county is located in the core area of the selenium rich zone of the Sanjiang plain...

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